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Escape, world travel, backpacking, adventure, stunning locations, hotels, mesmerizing attractions- do these words create a sensation in your life? You should thank your lucky stars because You have chosen the most profitable and attractive niche ever. Websites dedicated to travel are gaining popularity day by day. and it’s time to monetize these travel platforms through travel affiliate programs. These below mentioned top 12 travel affiliate programs can help you earn big commissions –


TripAdvisor Affiliate ProgramFor many traveling simply means TripAdvisor because it is the oldest player on the list. It is one of the most popular travel affiliate programs which is used by millions of people worldwide. Most of the people check out this adventure travel affiliate program for recommendations, ratings, and reviews. If you are associated with TripAdvisor, you will get more variety when it comes to your recommendations. While there are hundreds of hotels that you can recommend, TripAdvisor offers best attractions review list, tours, tickets to activities and a lot more to explore.

TripAdvisor comes under CJ affiliate. So, if you are already been a part of CJ affiliation then it is easier to be a TripAdvisor affiliate.


  • Signing up is easy if you are already affiliated with CJ
  • New items updated regularly
  • 24/7 reporting
  • Lacs of cities and hotel pages to link to


  • You need to sign up with CJ affiliate in order to become a part of this travel affiliate program

Bookingcom Travel Affiliate ProgramOne of the most recognized platforms for accommodations online, is the synonym to the travel industry. You have more chances of earning high commission due to the association of millions of people who are using it for booking hotels and accommodation online. Their affiliate partner program offers an invitation to anyone with a website/blog, travel agency or an app. If you have the smartness of offering the best choice of accommodations, this program works well for you.


  • Free and easy sign-up
  • Friendly and easy-to-use system
  • Banner and interactive search box options


  • Monthly payout is done only when you cross $100 commission mark
  • It takes 30 to 60 days (after completed booking) to get the approval of the commission.


Agoda Affiliate ProgramWith over 925,000 places to stay around the world, Agoda deserves to be in the list of best travel affiliate programs. Millions of people are using Agoda to find accommodation at the best prices. And when you become an affiliate promoter, you are definitely going to get great commission payouts. Their affiliate program is open for all who are running a website/blog. It takes 48-72 hours to get the approval as it is manual in nature.


  • Payout mode is direct bank transfer
  • Easy to set up
  • Track commission with few simple clicks
  • Support for 38 languages
  • Offers data feeds, search box, and text links


  • Minimum payout is $200

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates Affiliate ProgramThe list of best travel affiliate programs would be incomplete without the mention of Amazon Associates. Amazon, being the top destination for online buying, it enjoys a great reputation and helps you earn money in no time. Following the tier-based commission structure, the lowest tier means 35% commission, the highest tier gets you 60% commission. Amazon offers you unlimited travel products which you can promote in order to earn a great number of commissions.


  • Millions of products
  • Access to links and banners
  • 24/7 Amazon associate support
  • Lots of promotion tools
  • High conversion rate


  • Limited payment options, You may use Payoneer as Paypal alternative.
  • Read the operating agreement carefully


SkyScanner Travel Affiliate ProgramWhile booking a flight, if you have not checked the prices on Skyscanner, then may find yourself at loss. If you have never used this service then download their app right away to get the best price. This is one of the while label travel affiliate programs offering flight searches on your websites. Team up with this global travel partner and feature links on your site to unlimited promotions, deals, and services.


  • Global brand
  • Always free and all about choices
  • Full support
  • Additional revenue
  • Flight booking widget for your sidebar


  • Structural changes too often
  • Not clear for future career development


Airbnb Travel Affiliate ProgramThis is a premier platform for unique travel experiences. As an affiliate, you can easily feature AIRBNB listing on your site. You can earn commission on every booking you help to get. With so many bookings per day, a number of affiliate partners just keeps growing. This adventurous affiliate program helps one book from chic city lofts to grand accommodations.


  • Hospitable Hosts
  • Insider knowledge
  • Flexibility and great communication
  • Incredible customer service
  • Save money on food as most AIRBNB rentals will include a kitchen.


  • Lack of privacy
  • Disruptions


ShareASale Affiliate ProgramLet us introduce you to one of the best travel affiliate programs empowered by more than 3500 merchants. This premium program offers the user so many interesting options such as the average amount of sale, earnings per click, average commission sale.


  • An expensive network of more than 3500 merchants
  • Most of the merchants are ShareaSale exclusive whose products are not found on any other platforms
  • Rapid payment is another great feature


  • Reporting interface is outdated


Cruise Direct AffiliateRecommend cruises with this luxury affiliate program and offer cruises all around the world. Their benefit of 45-days tracking cookies will help you earn commission even if someone book the cruise after a month following your affiliate link. Though the commission on CruiseDirect is 3% of the gross sale but the price of a per ticket is higher which ultimately gets you a great share.


  • Easy processing
  • Offers banners, search boxes, and links
  • 24-day tracking cookies
  • Weekly opportunities for extra commissions


  • The conversion rate is lower

Hotels Affiliate ProgramThis is one of the most successful travel affiliate programs worth mentioning. Part of the Expedia affiliate network, encompasses various recognized brands. Everyone is free to promote and participate. You will be offered five essential tools including template solution. The service is provided in more than 35 languages covering a larger part of the world. There is no direct service. The associates have to work via a middleman.


  • Worldwide known brand
  • A vast database of hotels


  • No direct service, associates are connected through intermediate.
  • A small number of tools
  • Low revenue, percentage differ as per countries


Expedia Affiliate NetworkBecome an affiliate and stay connected to global travel products like Dynamic Travel packages. Monetize traffic of your blog to the fullest by joining one of the premium travel affiliate programs. It offers competitive commission rates up to 6 percent depending on the travel products. You can also have access to most of the leading car companies available globally. Expedia also helps you acquire 24/7 access to banners, booking engines, leading Expedia links.


  • Pays competitive commission rates based on travel products
  • 24/7 access to leading Expedia links, booking engines and banners
  • Provides access to most of the leading car rental companies
  • Excellent rewards programs with different tiers
  • Powerful search features


  • No price update alert


Trivago Travel AffiliateTrivago is the topmost hotel price comparison sites. With over 700,000 accommodations listed on its booking partner sites, Trivago offers one of the primer travel affiliate programs offering various benefits to its affiliates. This program allows the publisher to promote its services on their websites, personal blogs or apps. And for every referral that turned into conversion, the publisher is entitled to receive compensation for the efforts. If you are the owner of a famous website with great traffic, you should seriously consider joining the Trivago affiliate program. In order to run an effective Trivago promotion campaign on your blog, you should focus on budget travelers. Those who are looking for cheap accommodation, Trivago works best for them. So, enter the goldmine by signing up to be an affiliate of Trivago.


  • Great filters to apply
  • The program pays $0.43 per click out


  • Limited to hotels


Kayak Travel AffiliateA popular travel search engine which is designed to offer you the best of traveling options. Kayak is not only limited to hotels but it also offers travel purchases such as flights, apartments, condo rentals, cruises, rental cars, trains, vacation packages, etc. The search results are similar to what you may get from as they all use the same information. Propel your business forward with one of the white label travel affiliate programs.


  • Price-trend predictor
  • User-friendly app and website
  • Fast search results
  • Flexible rate structure
  • Fully-customized solutions
  • Great products
  • Can book almost every travel option


  • No loyalty programs
  • Bookings can not be done directly on Kayak


If you have not joined any of the above-mentioned travel affiliate programs so time is now. The list includes some of the best travel affiliate programs but to make it complete, we certainly need your contribution. Do write which other travel affiliate program you would recommend to other travel bloggers. We are looking forward to reading your suggestions, tips, and recommendations.

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