Best CPA Affiliate Networks (Beginners to Advance)


Affiliate Marketing is always known for making money online and every blogger wants to make some quick cash. CPA affiliate networks can help you to turn this dream into reality. CPA is one of the easiest methods to make money online as compared to all others, however, there are many CPA affiliate networks out there and it is not easy to choose one. CPA affiliate networks are always ranked based on their exclusive offers, on-time payments, and customer support. In this post, we are listing some of the best CPA affiliate networks with their features so you can decide easily which one you should choose.

Let’s have a look at a few common questions about CPA affiliate networks.

What is a CPA and CPA Network?

CPA stands for cost per action, which is an advertising model and advertiser will only pay only when the desired action performs on ads. CPA network is a platform where advertiser pay for advertising and publishers get affiliate commission when visitor perform an action on ads.

What is the difference between CPA Marketing and Affiliate Marketing?

CPA marketing is a strategy where an advertiser pays to a publisher when a specific action performed on ads such as subscribing to a newsletter or joining a trial version of a product. In CPA marketing, it is not necessary that publisher should sell the product. In contrast, in affiliate marketing, publishers only paid once the product sold. Amazon is a common

How Do I Promote CPA Offers?

In this era of social media, it is not very difficult to promote CPA offers without any investment. One of the popular approaches is the use of a social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. In addition to this, forum marketing and article marketing is also proven methods to promote CPA offers. In paid promotion of CPA offers, Google ads and Bing ads are on top of the list

Best CPA Affiliate Networks 2019


On this list, MaxBounty is a sure winner due to their unmatched quality, fast approval, and strict approval criteria. MaxBounty is running successful CPA affiliate network since 2004. If you are looking for highest paying affiliates with amazing landing pages then MaxBounty should be your first choice, however, it recommended for experienced online marketers. Each account has his own affiliate manager, which will help you decide which offers are best and how you should promote them.

You can contact your affiliate manager by phone or skype, which is a great support for beginners.  Joining process is quite easy but must enter proper information while joining, especially phone number because your MaxBounty affiliate manager may call you and ask a few simple questions.

  • Minimum Payment: $100
  • Payment Schedule: First payment after 15 days and then weekly basis.
  • Payment options: Intercash, Check, PayPal, Payoneer, Wire transfer, ACH, eCheck, and Bitcoin

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Clickbooth CPA affiliate network was founded in 2002, it is quite old but most trusted among CPA affiliate networks. It is considered as one of the most seasoned players in the business and has earned the tag of being a standout amongst the top CPA Affiliate Networks.

It has been assessed that Clickbooth pays nearly $ 100M per year to members. Additionally, Clickbooth is one of the most loved CPA Affiliate Network for relatively every ‘Experienced Affiliate’. As an Affiliate, you can find different kinds of products and services. Their advertisers offer affiliate products in almost all available categories.

  • Minimum Payment: $50+
  • Payment Schedule:  30 Days
  • Payment options: Check, PayPal, International Wires, Direct Deposit/ACH

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Peerfly is certainly extraordinary compared to other CPA organizes in the market. Since January 2009, they have become one of the most trusted and growing CPA Affiliate Network. Peerfly offer affiliate offers to their publisher in almost all major niches. They have an amazing dashboard, which is easy to use and incredible support for their publishers.

In spite of the fact that they have not been available for so long, they as of now have around 40k publishers from around the globe, Peerfly is one of the fastest growing CPA Affiliate Network among other CPA affiliate networks in the market.

  • Minimum Payment: $50
  • Payment Schedule: NET 30
  • Payment options: PayPal, Payoneer, Direct Deposit, Bank Wire, Postal Check

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ClickDealer is one of the best CPA affiliate network, they have a ton of offers with the great payout. They have very professional managers who are always encouraging and support you. You should not worry about payouts; Click Dealer is the most reliable network for paying to their publishers on time. On the off chance that you are searching for a professional CPA affiliate network, ClickDealer is an incredible alternative.

  • Minimum Payment: $
  • Payment Schedule: NET 15, NET 7
  • Payment options: Paxum, Payoneer, PayPal, Direct Deposit

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CPA Lead is an entirely new CPA member Network, they’ve recently begun in 2006 however they have rapidly developed to end up a standout amongst the best and generally prevalent CPA Affiliate Network.

CPALead offers a lot of benefits to their publishers including a wide range of complaints which are easy to promote, world-class support, on time payouts with different methods and many others advantages. CPALead among one of those CPA networks that pay daily.

  • Minimum Payment: $ PayPal ($10), Payoneer ($25)
  • Payment Schedule: Daily
  • Payment options: PayPal, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer, Payoneer, ACH, and Check.

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Adwork Media

Adwork Media is a CPA Affiliate Network with a great presence, this one is also a favorite CPA affiliate network for publishers around the world. Adwork Media offers lucrative campaigns with high profit and their monitoring dashboard provides insight on all campaigns and earning from them.

There are a lot of premium tracker is available to analyze your converted traffic such as the browser, device, location etc., however, these trackers are not free but if you are working with Adwork Media affiliate network, they will provide you with their own tracker free of cost and it’s a plus for beginners’ in CPA affiliate marketing.

  • Minimum Payment: $35
  • Payment Schedule: NET 30, NET 15, NET 7 (Depends on earning Threshold)
  • Payment options: PayPal, Payoneer, Western Union, Payza, Wire Transfer, Check and Direct Deposit

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W4 is not an old player in CPA affiliate networks but proved as successful running CPA affiliate marketing campaigns. Their advanced technology encourages you to benefit from premium affiliate offers to promote in different categories.

Their payout is always guaranteed because they are working with major brands such as Amazon, Vonage, Norton, Microsoft, Audible, etc. so if you are serious and expert in CPA affiliate marketing then W4 is a right choice for you to earn huge profits from their offers. W4 CPA network do not offer payments by Papal,however, there are alternate to PayPal which can use to receive payments

  • Minimum Payment: $30
  • Payment Schedule: NET 30
  • Payment options: Internation Wire, Check, ACH/Direct Deposit

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When it comes to mobile CPA offers, your only choice should be MobIdea. Another, great reason to choose this network if your traffic source is mostly from mobile devices. MobIdea has amazing mobile based offers and most of them start at $30 and above. This network has a lot of opportunities to earn a huge profit using highly convertible offers.

  • Minimum Payment: 50 EUROS
  • Payment Schedule: Weekly
  • Payment options: ePayments, WebMoney, Paxum, Bank Transfers

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Above All Offers

This CPA Network founded in 2011 and became very famous in a short time. Most importantly its entire range of great offers and services to its clients are excellent. Their 24/7 support team is always happy to resolve your all queries very quickly in professional manners and support you keep trust on this network. So if you are searching for a solid, reliable and fast growing CPA affiliate network, then you can doubtlessly reply on “Above All Offers”.

  • Minimum Payment: $100
  • Payment Schedule: Weekly, Net-7
  • Payment options: PayPal, Check, Wire Transfer & ACH

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AdsMain is a new player in the CPA network market, however, their offers with the highest commission getting them a place among top CPA networks. They have one of the simplest and detailed tracking systems as compared to other networks. They also provide 24/7 phone and email support to their customers. If you are looking for exclusive US offers, then AdsMain should be on top of the list.

  • Minimum Payment: $50
  • Payment Schedule: NET 30, NET15
  • Payment options: PayPal, Check, Wire & ACH

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Adscend Media

Adscend Media founded in 2009 and it is a pay for performance network. It is also one of those CPA networks where phone verification is not required to get into the network. Adscend Media is a rapidly growing network where 35000 publishers already have joined. They promote incentive offer, content locking, and surveys. Once you joined the network you will have a dedicated account management team to support you and grow your revenue from their offers.

  • Minimum Payment: $50
  • Payment Schedule: NET 30, NET15, NET 7
  • Payment options: PayPal, Wire, Check, ACH

Adscend Media


CpaMatica founded in 2015. It is one of the highest paying CPA affiliate network in dating, health & beauty niche. They have around 800+ offers in different niches. Although they are quite new, their services are professional and the payout is always on time. Once your account is approved, a professional account manager will be assigned to your account and you can communicate with him over Skype. I must say if you are new to CPA marketing then you should try CPAMatica.

  • Minimum Payment: $50
  • Payment Schedule: NET 7
  • Payment options: Payoneer, PayPal, Paxum, Wire, ePayments, WebMoney

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Here we discussed top CPA affiliate networks according to their popularity, payment gateways, their offers, and customer support. These CPA networks have been used and recognized by affiliate marketers and bloggers around the world. If you are also in CPA affiliate business or planning to start, please share your thoughts with us.

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  1. adam says

    When it comes to monetization, I’ve tried it all.

    I started with Adsense… but was let down by the low CPCs.

    Then I promoted affiliate products… but I couldn’t get the traffic to convert.

    Then I tried CPA marketing… and quickly realized that it was THE best way to monetize.

    (In fact, CPA helped one of my sites go from 0 to $10k/month in record time), so as a blogger I suggest to join (maxbounty-mostCPA-peerfly) and choose YOUR niche, suitable offers and then start write some blogs about those offers. I guarantee that you reach out your money goals.

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