Make Money From Pinterest (13 Easiest Ways Ever)


Pinterest is not just a simple photo sharing network, consider it your own global bulletin board. It is true that Pinterest is now a go-to website whenever anybody needs to search something online. Be it travel tips, home decor ideas, fashion hacks or even minimalist living tips-you can find it all on Pinterest. But Pinterest is much more than that. How great it would be if you could make an extra $100 per day from Pinterest! There are many ways to make money with Pinterest. And the network is continuously growing so as the opportunities for you! Following are some effective and sure shot ways to make money with Pinterest –

Make Money With Pinterest – $100 a Day

Identify Your Passion, Create Audience and Sell to Them

What’s your passion? You can make money with Pinterest following your passion. If you feel like there is something which you should be doing, stop thinking and start doing it. If people are spending money in an area you love, trust me you can make money out of it.

Create a Pinterest account and boards that captivate your target audience. As it is said “The best feeling in the world is getting paid to do what you love”, Your passion is calling, answer the call.

After account creation, the next thing is to get followers on your board. Some Pinterest users have a million followers. In order to sell your product or services, there is no compulsion to have that many followers. If you do not have any idea about what you want to sell, hold on. Once you have a good number of followers, marketers will approach you with great offers.

Promote a Company and Seek Sponsorship

Pinterest Promote BrandFocus on a specific target audience and build your Pinterest followers. Then Figure out the companies selling products that may attract your audience. Staying with your makeup niche, you can approach companies that sell makeup products, beauty products, and other related things.

Impress the companies with your Pinterest account statistics and ask for sponsorship. Offer them a deal like they can market their products on your account for 6 months or more. This is one of the smartest ways to make money on Pinterest.


Use SEO Knowledge To Standout

Pinterest SEOOne of the best ways to stand out in the crowd is to be easily found out. Use your SEO strategies so that people will be able to find your pins easily. Not only on Pinterest, but you will be also be found by a major search engine -Google. Watch out what you write in your “About” profile. Use the keywords that you expect searchers may use. Pins should be optimized with necessary keywords. Each pin lets you add 100 words descriptions so make the most of it by adding links and keywords.

Always remember, the keywords should be added in a natural way rather than in a spammy way.

Make Money on Pinterest With Affiliate Links

Make Money from PinterestMany companies welcome affiliates who would promote their products in any way for a small commission on the sales. Look for the companies who sell products that you can promote and be a part of their marketing group. Sign up with them as an affiliate and promote products through your pins. This is also one of the amazing ways to make money with Pinterest. Beware of spammers. Even Pinterest takes action against affiliate marketing spammers. You need to be very carefull with this strategy as some of affiliate company doesnt allow to use direct affiliate links on images instead you need to redirect your traffic from Pinterest to your website.

Re-pin Already Posted Pins to Gather Audience

Money from Repin PinterestPinterest is an active social network. So, to be in limelight, re-pin your pins. Consistency is the key. To arrest people’s attention, you need to be active. You can also pin other’s pin. This way people will notice you and even start following you. In short, find out ways to increase your followers and make money with Pinterest. You can use Tailwind for this purpose, Tailwind will provide you option to schedule your pins and publish at given time, you can also see multiple reports such as who folllowed you and how many views and top images in your pinterest account. You can try their thier trial version before buying actual paid plan.

Contest Alerts on Pinterest

Pinterest ContestsIf you wish to sell your own products on Pinterest, creating contest is a wonderful way to arrest people’s attention. This is a common tactic to engage people with the brand. When you create a contest on Pinterest, this can act as a trigger to help people talk and think about the brand. Contest are popular and they can help you make money with Pinterest. Before starting you must design high quality images to attract more pinners becuae high qaulity and unique design images with description are key factors in Pinterest marketing. In addition to this, if you are not getting enough pins then you can use paid promotion option from Pinterest.

Teach Pinterest Strategies to Others

Pinterest StrategiesPinterest is a social platform which is continuously growing. A small industry has also jumped up the bandwagon wherein People are developing tools to help Pinterest users. After seeking great experience with Pinterest, it’s a great idea to make money by teaching your strategies to others. Grab the opportunity to create e-books and relevant courses to teach what you have learned.

When people find your teachings relevant, they will become mouth advertising for your business. All this will surely double the followers so the money.

Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Pinterest Virtual AssistantSome companies, brands, bloggers do not understand Pinterest or sometimes they don’t have enough time to manage the social networking sites, they prefer to outsource. This is where you come in. Design pins, manage Pinterest account or seeking out group boards -is all that you may be expected to do. Of course, you would get paid for it. There is a great work waiting for people who know to pin. Becoming a Pinterest virtual interest is a great way to make money with Pinterest if you have a good understanding of the platform and good design skills. You can find these Pintrest virtual assitsants on many freelancing websites such as UpWork and join them.

Make Great Content and High-Quality Images

Pinterest ImagesDoes Pinterest pay to pinners? Yes, it does. Do whatever it takes to make your content click-worthy. When people click it, make sure your content is not just good, it has to be great. Even high-quality images do make a difference in getting clickthrough – We just don’t want to say -try it and see if it works for you. Sometimes you have to buy stock photos to captivate attention. The point here we are trying to make is – build followers with great things.

Make Money with Pinterest and Click Bank

Pinterest Money Clickbank

Create a Pinterest account and use it to send visitors to the landing page. If you do not have Pinterest followers, create a board, be active in posting and follow other boards. The best thing about this method is that the traffic you send to your landing page is highly targeted. More clicks, more money.

Set Up a Shop and Sell Buyable Pins

Sell Products using PinterestIf you are a creator or a designer or a maker or a crafter, there is a lot of work for you and you can get paid really well for that. You can use creativity to set up shop online. There is something called “Buyable pins”- this means you can transform your art, designs, ideas, and creations into pins that users can click on and purchase. They don’t have to leave the Pinterest at all.  Pinterest stands for inspiration. People love to have decorating tips, ideas and other visual inspo for their next events and celebration. And that’s the way you can make money with Pinterest.

Join Group Boards On Pinterest

Pinterest Group BoardsGroup boards are an impressive way to spread your pins to a larger audience. Use Pingroupie to find relevant and active group boards and join. First, decide which group board you wish to join. Then follow the instructions in the board’s description which will tell you how to join. You have to request the board owner to join the group. Pin to your own board and also pin to the group board to reach out to more people.These groups can also help you build traffic with piterest for your blog or website.

Make Money on Pinterest With AdSense

AdSense Money from PinterestIf you want to monetize your web content, Google AdSense is considered as a stepping-stone for people who want to earn money online. Google AdSense is a free service By Google for the publishers. So sign up with AdSense or any other advertising network to allow ads on your website or YouTube channel. When you drive traffic from Pinterest to your site and people click on the ads, you earn money. After Initial configuration, you just need to sit back and see the money coming in. The more traffic you have the more chances of getting clicks on the ads.

Everybody is aware that Pinterest is great at driving traffic. Generate more traffic by pinning irresistible pins enriched with great keywords. Put quality images with great content. Then sit back and collect your earnings.

As you have already seen, there are so many effective ways to make money with Pinterest. Share with us which method you find the most helpful. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s turn your Pinterest profile into a money-making machine.

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