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How to stay on top of all social media tasks one has to complete? From publishing content to analytics, Social media marketers have so much on their plates. Thankfully, there are so many efficient social media management tools available to help. These tools ensure that content reaches to the desired audience at the right time. But it is bound to feel overwhelmed with so many social media management tools out there. To clear all your doubts, we have compiled a list of best social media management tools to streamline your business-

Top Social Media Management Tools

Meet Edger – No More Social Media Babysitting

Meet Edgar

If you want to raise the profile of your business and build your brand authority automatically- then meet Meet Edger. This is one of the most efficient social media management tools that refresh your social media profiles by automatically resharing your best content. Without extra ad or promo spending, you can captivate the attention of potential customers. Some of the great features of Meet Edger includes -social media scheduling, automating your content queue, increasing social media engagement and time-saving. There is no hidden fees or tiered plans as every feature is available to all users.

Tailwind – Smartest Way to Schedule Pinterest & Instagram


Win audience attention on Instagram or Pinterest with this end-to-end solution. You do not need any other support when it comes to discovering content, scheduling posts, amplifying reach, monitoring conversations and analyzing results- Tailwind has got everything. In short, all with one tool. This is one of the smartest social media management tools to schedule your posts on Pinterest and Instagram. Tailwind helps you know the best Instagram hashtags to reach the right people. This social media tool is apt for small businesses and extensible for the enterprise. So, schedule like a pro by creating multiple posts from any site with one click. Deep analytics and insights can let you see what is working and what is not.

Buffer – Free Social Media Management Tool


Not for one or two, Buffer makes it easy for businesses to schedule posts and analyze performance for all their social profiles. No need to go to six different networks, instead manage all your social accounts such as Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus and LinkedIn in one place. The best part is that Buffer lets you schedule posts at your preferred time. The feature that sets this social media tool apart is its ability to add multiple team members and set access levels. Its world-class customer support helps you so that all your questions get answered on time.

TweetDeck – Social Media Management of Twitter Accounts


Looking for a way to manage multiple tweet accounts for free? TweetDeck can do this job for you and that too in the most efficient manner possible. This customizable tool can manage social media in your browser with notifications and live streaming. It does not only allow you to organize an unlimited number of twitters but also keeps a track of Twitter lists, hashtags, twitter searches and a lot more. It is one of the most powerful social media management tools to schedule tweets to send at a later time. But it is limited to tweeter only as it can manage other social media profiles. Mobile access is also not possible for TweetDeck which is a huge disappointment. But still, it is a breath of fresh air for those who heavily use Tweeter.

MavSocial – Streamline Your Social Media Management


The content is evolving and everybody needs an end-to-end solution to manage the content. MavSocial lets you do it. This comprehensive social media content management solution is designed to all organize all your content in the best way possible. MavSocial offers a centralized platform that is capable to store tons of videos, photos and other content. From content management, campaign planning to scheduling, MavSocial boasts of many such features. MavSocial is a huge storehouse of 70 million quality royalty-free images from Bigstock, Giphy, Pixabay, and Gettyimages. So you need not to worry about finding those perfect images for your campaign. Repeat publishing of posts is also possible through MavSocial. Out of all social media management tools, this powerful media tool is equipped with an integrated photo editor loaded with filters and various touch-up tools.

Sprout Social – Social Media Management Tool

Sprout Social

This powerful social media management tool is nothing but a well-organized free social media dashboard. Of all the features Sprout Social offers, the way it separates subject matter into six distinct areas is the most advantageous. These six distinct areas comprise of messages, tasks, feeds, publishing, discovery, and reports. All the messages from different social profiles are presented at the same location called “Smart Box”. You can filter the message as per your needs. One more feature is clean up that allows you to unfollow silent accounts. Analytics in Sprout Social provides you near real-time snapshots and knowledge about the latest trends. All these features will make you understand your audience in a better way.

SocialBee – Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts


With so many social media management tools to choose from, it is easy to get confused which one to opt for. SocialBee is a great tool for publishing posts to multiple social media networks. For those who are planning to grow engagement on your site via social media, SocialBee is a strong competitor that will get better with time. Social media main advantages include easy content scheduling, beautiful calendar, evergreen content and engage users via Twitter. Though it is a tried and tested social media tool it has some disadvantages too such as no native WordPress integration, No AI-based scheduling, and no editorial board.

Hootsuite – Manage Social Content with Ease


All business owners need to have a strong social media presence. With the advent of so many social media management tools, life has become easy. It is not possible to keep an eye on all social media networks without an effective social media tool. Hootsuite is one such amazing tool that supports a lot of social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Twitter, FourSquare, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and many more. You can manage all accounts in different tabs.  Auto schedule posting is also possible. The feature of unique app directory allows you to have access to more than 100 apps.

eClincher – Best Social Media Management Platform


Manage all your social media accounts in one platform with this simple and efficient social media tool. The most important features of eClincher include publishing and scheduling content, auto-publishing with smart queues, monitoring, managing social media conversations, advanced analytics and more. eClincher helps you to manage live conversations of all your social accounts and beyond. The suggested content option lets you create and save suggested content feeds to find and share the updated information in no time. Promote your brand, product or service by using relevant keywords to discover influencers across twitter. With this social media tool, team members get their own login credentials to manage their accounts.

SocialOomph – Boost Your Social Media Productivity


In order to boost your social media productivity, it does not have to be a manual time-consuming process. SocialOomph is the most powerful tool that aids in the management of various social networks efficiently.  This simple yet powerful social tool contains a plethora of features for all the automation that your social profiles need. Scheduling of tweets, scheduling updates, tracking of keywords, creation, and publishing of blog posts, Auto RSS Feeds, URL shorteners, and scheduling sharing-all this is possible with just one go-to solution. This awesome scheduler is free for twitter but you have to have a pro upgrade for other social media profiles.

AgoraPulse – Social Media Management Simplified

Agora Pulse

Apt for teams and professional agencies, AgoraPulse is one of the easiest and most affordable social media management tools. Social inbox feature saves time and energy. Even teams can be on-boarded without heavy training. You can automatically schedule content to varied social profiles. Grab the advantage of recently added automatic Instagram posting. Although there is an option of adding emojis to the content there has to be a wider range of emojis. Whatever be the requirements, AgoraPulse does the necessities great.


Social Pilot – Cost-Effective Social Media Management


Social Pilot can have a synonym -Better value for money. The advantage of adding more accounts and more posts makes the Social Pilot a wonderful pick out of all social media management tools.  Powerful analytics and white label PDF reports are available with just one single click. The social inbox feature of Social Pilot helps you engage effectively with your target audience. Not only this, but it also allows you to collaborate with teams and manage clients. Discover & publish content with curated content, RSS feeds, bulk upload all these are essential features of Social Pilot.

Sendible – Social Media Platform for Agencies


Searching for a social media tool which can streamline your social media processes and delivery for your clients? No look further. Sendible fulfills all your commands. A unified social inbox, content recommendation engine, and stunning reports are some of the amazing features of Sendible. The design and interface are great. This tool offers an accessible reporting access link to clients that can be viewed at any time. The software is bit pricey so it is more focused on social media marketing business.


Final Thoughts

We understand, there are a plethora of social media management tools to choose from. Access your needs, compare features and find the platform that works best for your social strategy. Would love to hear which social media tool is giving the peace of mind that you deserve!

  1. Amanda says

    This is an awesome list of #SMM tools! I’d love to add one more though – Yala! It’s unique because not only does it schedule your posts according to your unique follower’s behaviors (to get the most engagement possible), but you can create social-media-friendly graphics and video ads too. It’s a full suite social marketing platform and worth checking out! 🙂

  2. Joseph says

    I use the buffer to automate my Facebook posts for my blog. It’s serving well. Thanks for this post.

  3. Nilsen says

    Very informative. Social media is really good when used right.
    I did find my success on Instagram 🙂 Growing on Instagram is very hard, especially when I was just starting.
    That’s why services like really helped me get the boost I needed.

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