YouTube Alternatives – Popular Video Sharing Sites


If you talk about Content viewing and creation, YouTube is the most dominant platform for streaming free video online. In fact, it is the first name your body involuntarily registers when it comes to watching or creating videos. Billions of videos are viewed, commented and even created on daily basis. In recent time, YouTube guidelines have been revised without prior notice. All these unwelcomed changes creating a large section of unhappy users. People are looking for other YouTube alternatives that can offer them similar services. If you are one of them, here is a detailed list of best YouTube alternatives –

YouTube Alternatives – Best Video Sharing Sites

Daily Motion

When we look for sites similar to YouTube, Daily motion tops the list. This is a popular video sharing sites with a similar interface like YouTube. With its same layout, video categories, video streaming and uploading rival as in YouTube, Users get accustomed to Daily Motion immediately. And this becomes the second-best option at your fingertips to start viewing content. One can find trending videos on the homepage and search bar at the top.

With a facility of uploading content up to 4 GB in size with a resolution of 1080p, this platform will serve as an excellent gateway to share your content all over the world. There is no doubt that copyright policies of YouTube are a bit scary but that is not a case with Daily Motion. Though it has its own rules but it offers better tolerance and flexibility for content uploaders. Content can also be monetized via ads or paywall.


  • Offers professional quality videos.
  • Follow a similar layout as YouTube so it is easier to adapt.
  • Fewer risk of content removal.
  • Easy to navigate because of the same list of categories.


  • Only pro users are entitled to high-definition uploads.
  • Have not gained popularity in the U.S.
  • Video resolution has a limit up to 1080p.


Being the oldest video streaming site, Metacafe was originated in 2003 even before YouTube came into existence. The website offers quick and lightened videos with a limit of 90 seconds. It is more of community-based YouTube alternative than an actual content streamer’s delight. It might not stand in front of its competitors in garnering the total number of views but if you are looking for great shortened clips then look no further. Metcafe does not offer complex topics or professional videos. So if you enjoy short humorous clips by regular users, Metcafe is the best alternative to YouTube.


  • Excellent website for community-based short videos.
  • Has more than 50 million viewers so that means content is worth watching.
  • It is the best YouTube alternative for short product reviews, funny videos, and how-to guides.


  • Detailed and comprehensive videos are not available as there is a limit of 90 seconds.
  • Less viewership as compared to YouTube.


Vimeo is one of the best video websites like YouTube. It is dedicated to artists and filmmakers. This platform invites professionals in different fields such as art, dance, photography, cinematography and creative spheres to showcase their work. So, for someone who is looking for some random funny videos then this is not the one. But if experimental music clips, classy short videos, and interesting snapshots are your thing then certainly you are in the right place. The best part of this website is that there are less distracting elements in the background while watching videos. This is actually an ad-free model because it is supported by the donations made by users and paywall.

As this platform hosts high-quality content so there are some strict guidelines which are supposed to be followed like one can enjoy 4K Ultra HD visual content with HDR.


  • Focus more on the videos and free from other distracting elements.
  • A creative serious platform for professional content creators.
  • High-quality filmmakers can spill their magic online.
  • Easy search facility with a neat interface and well-defined categories.
  • Homepage is the most attractive thing you will ever see.


  • Users can upload videos with a limit of 500MB per week only.
  • Limit can be upgraded but the user has to pay a monthly fee and the limit is only capped at 5GB.


Looking for high-quality music videos? Vevo can serve the purpose perfectly. It is one of the wonderful Youtube alternatives when you wish to watch official music videos by mainstream global artists like J.Cole, Drake, Chainsmokers etc. Bookmark Vevo as your “go to” streaming website because this will deliver you fast, hard and swiftly. When you feel like doing nothing but submerging yourself into vocals, lyrics, and sound, Vevo is literally fulfilling wishes on your command. It is said that Music is a great healer, and Vevo will become your ultimate therapist when you are feeling gloomy and down.

Diversified content is not what Vevo offer so you might feel disappointed when you browse content for the first time. The user interface is smooth and delivers the latest and updated music on demand. It’s an endless supply to visual content for music lovers make it one of the great alternatives to YouTube.


  • A treasure for music lovers.
  • Highly professional content is always guaranteed.
  • Easy and super-fast website interface.


  • No comparison with YouTube in terms of diversified content.
  • Can not upload your own music videos.

The Internet Archive

The name itself is suggesting what it has to offer. An archive which has a lot of content already stored in it. From Documentaries, TV series to movies and more, you will be amazed at the video section of internet archive. You can use filters for language, topic, year or subjects to sort the content. This is a part of the Wayback machine when there were very few uploaders and viewers.

If you explore it further, you might find some unique videos that are hard to find on other renowned platforms. Anyone can upload content for free and help others. We highly recommend you to follow the internet archive if you love to watch movies, documentaries and TV series.


  • The video library is vast with a huge range of content mainly TV series, movies, and documentaries which are hard to come by on other platforms.
  • Users are welcomed to upload their content for free.


  • New content might be difficult to find as compared to other uploading websites.

9Gag TV

If you are a Facebook or Twitter member than you must be aware of 9Gag TV. If you are hunting for entertainment contents such as images, GIFs, memes and a lot more, 9Gag is the place where things get even better. It houses copious amounts of entertainment videos and engaging content just like YouTube. Be cautious as some of the content might be NSFW. Whatever be, you will get your dose of entertainment the moment you fire up this channel.


  • If pure entertainment is what your cup of tea then better you have a sip of it.


  • Some videos can be NSFW so careful before clicking.
  • The videos are so engaging that users might kill hours of precious time.


If it is not YouTube, then it can surely be Veoh. It is one of video hosting website like YouTube which lets you have a wonderful online viewing experience. Veoh gives users the flexibility they get nowhere. They can upload and post videos of unlimited length. If you love watching longer videos, Veoh is ever ready with its services. Its social features also allow you to share your content among friends and other people. If they like your content then your popularity knows no bounds. It offers various features such as adding contacts, creating groups, messaging. That is the reason it is considered a great YouTube alternative.


  • Wonderful platform for long-form videos and movies.
  • Clean user interface with various useful social features that help you engage with people.


  • Searching is a bit unpleasing experience.


Techtown has got the latest fad -Blockchain. And the good news is that DTube is based on this technology. This decentralized website is a great alternative to YouTube and the interface is somewhat similar as well. Get a hold of hot, trending and watch videos on the homepage. You can also save videos to watch later. Check out the viral content through trending tags. The best part is that DTube is ad-free. Users do not need to pay any transaction fee or initial deposits. When you upload a video on DTube, you are rewarded with Steem crypto-currency rewards for seven days. Even users who comment on videos also have a chance to make some money.

Since relatively it is a new platform, you might not find a lot of videos on this platform. There is consistency in its growth and definitely, it has the potential to be a great YouTube alternative.


  • DTube is an ad-free platform.
  • Based on Blockchain technology.
  • Users get rewards for uploading videos and even commenting.


  • Not enough videos
  • No comparison with YouTube.

Final Words

We do not deny that YouTube does sport a massive repository of content but it is also true that YouTube accompanies an endless list of rules and regulations. If you are desperately searching for best YouTube alternatives, we have tried to help you with some great options. Would love to hear which one are you going to switch over to shortly.

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